Trip book: The Northern Poland

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Your guide around most famous locations of II. World War in northern Poland with a highlight on Wolf’s lair.


Northern Poland is the scene of first ship cannons in the II. World War. That is why it is not surprising that here is the largest most modern museum, which exposes the star of the biggest war in history. Nazi Germany attacked Poland on September 1st, 1939, after the non-aggression pact was signed with the Soviet Union in late August. Likewise, the trip book includes the path, how to get to Wolf’s Lair, General Staff of the German Army. Adolf Hitler, in total, spent 800 days, when he finally departed on 20 November 1944. The complex was abandoned and blown to pieces, on 25 January 1945, 48 hours before the arrival of Soviet forces. In the trip book, you will learn more about the role of Poland in the course of the II. World War.


  1. Edward R. Simon

    Your trip books are mandatory when you travel around the 2.WW battlefields.

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