Trip book: Brussels, Northern France, and Southern Great Britain

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Your guide around most famous locations of II. World War in northern France and south United Kingdom.


Northern France certainly offers a wide range of museums and military sites that had a significant impact on the outcome of II. World War. Closely you can get to know the mightiest fortress throughout history, Atlantic Wall, a variety of locations, where V1, V2 and V3 rockets, were fired. Also, you can find out more about the backstage operation Dynamo in Northern France. This was a code name for the marine evacuation of British and French troops from the coast of Dunkirk after the troops became surrounded by German forces. The operation had begun in the early morning on 26 May and lasted until 4 June 1940. More than 330.00 British and French soldiers were saved. In 30 minutes by train, you can cross the English Channel and you can visit the museums and memorials of the battle for Britain. The trip book will tell you more about the role of northern France and southern Britain in the course of the II. World War.


  1. Markus Mauer

    Best site with the information abut the 2.WW location!

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